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The Top Five Best Green Lifestyle and Alternative Energy Podcasts

Constance Larson

If switching to a totally environmentally friendly lifestyle were easy, everyone would be doing it and it wouldn’t be such a big social issue. Alas, reality. The following podcasts are great for learning more about living green and alternative energy solutions, whether you’re commuting to work or relaxing at home.

Green Lifestyle

#5 TIME’s GreenCast

Why It’s Great: The GreenCast is a very professionally done podcast from TIME magazine, so the information and sourcing is very solidly mainstream media. The focus is generally on alternative energy news and the politics thereof, so it can be a great way to stay up to date on energy laws on the state and federal level. If you’re a fan of TIME, this is your jam!

Episode to Try First: Most Recent.

#4 Make-It-Green Girl

Why It’s Great: Make-It-Green Girl, or MIGG for short, was the best podcast I could find for an introduction to green topics for the total newbie. It is a member of the always enjoyable “Quick and Dirty Tips” family of podcasts, all of which I’ve found enjoyable and well done. This is definitely no exception. MIGG is very down to Earth, literally and figuratively, with each episode providing an overview of a particular popular subject.

Episode to Try First: MIGG Organic: Food or Fad?

#3 NPR: Climate Connections

Why It’s Great: These podcasts are short and cover a lot of great environmental and alternative energy news around the world. Featuring interviews with up-and-coming green entrepreneurs and key climate experts, this is definitely one of the best source of green news available on iTunes. If you only have time or attention for a short interview of news item, this is one podcast you won’t want to pass up.

Episode to Try First: Most Recent

#2 Inside Renewable Energy

Why It’s Great: This episode almost made the top spot. Instead of focusing on tips and tricks the average person can do, it takes a very broad overview of the history, technology and business aspects of the alternative energy market. Featuring interviews with great experts and providing an accessible but very technical look into new green technologies, this is a podcast that I will definitely be turning to for the latest news.

Episode to Try First: Wind Technologies: Size Does Matter

#1 The Little Green People Show

Why It’s Great: This podcast is short, sweet, to the point, and as such never gets dull and has an excellent pace. The topics range widely, which also helps maintain full interest, and all of the tips given are very easy and practical to implement in your life. If you try nothing else, try this podcast.

Episode to Try First: 033: Wrap It Up

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